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KTLO in Software Development: Best Practices for Leaders

Allocating time for KTLO in software engineering is a challenge for engineering leaders. Here are some techniques we've seen succeed at Uplevel.

Messy Jira? Meet Uplevel's Engineering Time Allocation Model

Messy project management data shouldn't keep engineering leaders from successful time allocation. Learn how Uplevel finds the signal in the noise.

Time Allocation Strategies for Engineering Leaders

Learn practical applications for time allocation insights and how you can use them to build effective engineering orgs.

How to turn allocation insights into action for your dev team

Part of our Executive Insights, Allocation translates tickets and PRs into time distributions. Leveraging the real-time data can help you better align dev team efforts with your big-picture goals.

Interview with Uplevel CTO Ravs Kaur

A Geek Leader Podcast was created by John Rouda as a way to inspire and grow IT Leaders.

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