Go beyond DORA metrics.

DORA metrics are widely accepted DevOps metrics that help determine your delivery process health, but they do not tell the whole story of everything happening within engineering.

product beyond dora metrics

Get the basics

See DORA metrics like Deployment Frequency and Lead Time for changes out-of-the-box.

Transcend DORA

Know important developer health insights like Deep Work, meeting health, interruptions, context switching, and additional leading indicators that detect the risk for burnout so you can get ahead of potential bottlenecks.

Focus your efforts with comparative data

View industry benchmarks and determine how you are trending against them, and hone in on opportunities for improvement.

Boost productivity by improving developer experience and engineering satisfaction.

Today’s engineering leadership understands that the health of your people and teams determines your long-term ability to ship fast and create quality software.

Quantify the business impact of team health

Uncover and remove toil and understand how it relates to developer effectiveness, technical debt, and more.

Optionally integrate with more for clearer insights

Readily connect with Slack and calendar, where your redacted, raw, and unstructured data is transformed, cleaned, and synthesized to deliver a clear picture of how your engineering organization operates.

Improve cycle time, and more

Release more frequently without burning your team out. Understand how metrics like Deep Work and context switching can have a significant impact on your cycle time, and translate it into monetary terms.


Plan and meet commitments more confidently with time allocation metrics.

Deconstruct your operation to reveal where time is being invested by specific initiatives, epics, or projects. Drill down into team and role data to identify trends over various timeframes. Redeploy personnel and investments to the highest-value priorities.


Visualize capacity — get the cost of features, maintenance, bugs

See how much time you are spending in meetings, out of office, getting interrupted, versus working on KTLO, tech debt, bugs, innovations, new features, and more.

Make tax capitalization easy

Streamline R&D cost reporting by automating the creation of reliable, auditable impact reports using your project management data.

Optionally translate time into monetary terms

Easily translate your total invested time to FTE hours to get a clear picture of the monetary investments you are making.

Enterprise-level security and flexibility

Hardened data

Enterprise-approved data privacy practices

Guided onboarding

Flexible Proof of Concept (POC) model

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