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What is Uplevel?

Unlike other engineering dashboards that add noise and confusion and require lots of manual work to surface actionable knowledge, Uplevel is the holistic system of decision for engineering leaders.

Applying AI/ML and data science to tooling and collaboration data, Uplevel surfaces and interprets the hard-to-find signals that you need to focus your efforts, prioritize initiatives, and build an effective engineering culture.


Engineering leaders use Uplevel to decide how to:

Meet commitments with time allocation metrics.

Take the guesswork out of figuring out what engineers are working on and how long it's taking them. Visualize capacity by specific initiatives, epics, projects, and categories like R&D vs. failure demand, and surface trends over time. Gain a holistic view of available time so that you can redeploy personnel and investments to the highest-value priorities. 

Smart Allocation

Uplevel’s intelligent allocation model and rules engine interprets messy data from product tools platforms like Github and JIRA and uses other signals across sources to enrich allocation insights.

Work Patterns 

Unlike other platforms that don’t take actual work time into account, Uplevel allocates work after factoring in actual time spent for meetings and chat interruptions. The result: the most accurate allocation insights you'll get from any engineering dashboard.

Financial Reporting

Using smart allocation, Uplevel buckets work time into categories useful to understand project investment and R&D capitalization. All financial reporting is automatic, saving your team from manual intervention.

Optimize technical performance

DORA metrics are widely accepted DevOps metrics that help determine your delivery process health, but lagging indicators only tell part of the story. Dive into industry standard DORA metrics for delivery and quality, plus the deeper context that makes them actionable before they create roadblocks for your team.

Standard Efficiency Metrics

See standard metrics like Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Restore, and Change Failure Rate at a glance.

Leading Indicators

PR complexity, epic lead time, and available work time allow you to drill into the holistic “why” behind delivery and quality so you can get ahead of problems.

Configurable Data Visualization

Filter efficiency data by manager, report group, repository, geo, and more — or create custom segments to test new innovations like generative AI

Actionable Targets and Benchmarks

Set custom targets at the team or organization level for delivery and quality metrics and see how your organization compares to other companies that Uplevel serves.


Improve and sustain team performance.

Uplevel surfaces hard-to-measure team performance metrics and holistic insights that provide the additional context leaders need to improve effectiveness, deliver on commitments, and retain top talent.

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Unique Contextual Metrics

Uplevel reveals the holistic team work patterns that influence value delivery and efficiency, such as deep work, interruptions, and sustained "Always On" time, along with corresponding industry benchmarks.

Expert Guidance and Insight

Gain actionable support and guidance on how to build the generative engineering cultures that deliver quality work and enable high-performing teams.

Our "Developer-First" Privacy Promise 

Uplevel keeps developers first and makes insights safe and supportive for engineers and their managers.


Enterprise-level security and flexibility

Hardened data

Enterprise-approved data privacy practices

Guided onboarding

Flexible Proof of Concept (POC) model

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