Uplevel Data Labs

Engineering data in context

Our platform aggregates both standard and hard-to-surface data to provide the composite metrics and unique insights you need to drive action.

allocation analysis

Smart Allocation

Project tracking is inherently messy. Our AI models and configurable rules engine are built to uncover how your teams' time is actually spent so you can align work to the top business goals.


Predictive Modeling

Predict sprint success, work complexity, messaging interruptions, and meeting types with leading productivity indicators that drive actionable change.


Always On Analysis

Optionally evaluate ways of working like context switching, available deep work time, after-hours work, and other factors critical to high-value outcomes.

anomaly detection

Anomaly Detection

Identify bottlenecks and increase velocity by surfacing knowledge silos and PRs that need attention so you can stop problems before they start.

Data Sources

Uplevel integrates securely with the most commonly used dev tools to give you a holistic view of your biggest opportunities for improvement:

Collaboration Tools

Sanitized metadata from calendar and chat reveals how meetings and interruptions impact your teams' work

Code and Delivery

Uplevel ingests data from developer and CI/CD platforms to follow and interpret the delivery process from end to end

Work Management

Our advanced allocation models automatically link product data and engineering work without time-consuming cleanup on your part

Incident Management

Incident management tooling data gives context to standard quality metrics in addition the impact of after-hours work and context switching



Uplevel aggregates trends across teams, not individuals. We don’t believe in stack ranking, but we do believe in transparency.



Uplevel is SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. We are fully vetted by Microsoft, Slack, Amazon, and Google marketplaces.

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