Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Software development is a critical part of business. Finding ways to ship faster and with higher quality code is what fuels business results. Uplevel believes that the best software organizations accelerate product velocity by measuring progress toward business objectives, staying attuned to key operational health metrics such as DORA, and synthesizing these measures with leading indicators of developer satisfaction and experience, or happiness. We call them people, process, and operational metrics.

Software engineering organizations, like any other discipline, performs best when everyone is clear on the metrics that positively impact the business, and the business sets up a positive environment in which everyone can perform at their best.

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson, EVP Product Development, Tableau

"Uplevel is solving a problem every engineering organization runs into — how to quantify and improve the effectiveness of an organization at scale. Uplevel gives unique insights to allow leaders to help their teams grow and perform."

Michelle Salvado

Michelle Salvado, Former Senior Engineering Executive at Trellix, FireEye, Intel, McAfee, Nokia, and Accenture

“Consider Uplevel for its unique ability to drive a data-driven culture in your engineering team, fostering transparency, trust, higher ROI, and a positive human touch that amplifies the impact of technology.”

Michael Stahnke

Mike Stahnke, VP of Engineering, Flox

"Uplevel isn't just speeds and feeds for engineering. It adds a human level of perspective and insights and that's why I chose it."

Matthew Howard

Matt Howard, General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

“By focusing on a platform of transparency and trust, Uplevel stands alone in its ability to help all levels of an engineering team with a broad solution.”

Our leadership team

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder

Chris Riccio

Chris Riccio

VP of Engineering

Christina Forney

Christina Forney

VP of Product


Mark Nelson

VP Oracle, CTO SAP Concur, President Tableau, BOD CircleCI

Michelle Salvado

SVP Fireeye

Leah Melvoin

Voice of the Developer, Amazon

Steven Rogelberg

PhD Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Author, The Supring Science of Meetings and Glad we Met

Michael Stahnke

Puppet, VP CircleCI, co-author DORA

Matt Swann

VP Amazon, CTO Stubhub, Booking and Nubank

Eric Browne

Founder, Smartsheet

Sara Weiner

PhD Industrial and Organizational Psychology, IBM, Glint

Dan Pasette


James LaPlaine

CIO & SVP AOL, CTO RedVentures

Varun Saini

VP Tableau

Nimrod Vered

Zipwhip (Twilio), Microsoft, Cisco


Cota Capital
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Join our mission

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