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15 Symptoms of a Toxic Engineering Culture

We asked our software developers what drives them crazy at work and how to build a better dev team culture. Here’s a list of things they say you shouldn’t do.

Time Allocation Strategies for Engineering Leaders

Learn practical applications for time allocation insights and how you can use them to build effective engineering orgs.

Deep Work Is a Multiplier for Engineering Organizations

Deep work time is critical for software engineering teams. Here's how leaders can measure it to help their teams deliver on high-value projects.

How Uplevel Measures the Impact of Chat Interruptions

Learn about Uplevel's Chat Interruptions feature and how you can use it to support your organization from data scientist Anne Sallaska.

Warning signals from your team to detect developer burnout

Developer burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that gets progressively worse the longer it goes unnoticed. Know how to spot when your devs need support.

Managing knowledge silos in dev teams

Our CEO, Joe Levy, sat down with Beyond the Blue Badge host Ali Spain to discuss leading during the pandemic, managing a remote workforce, and keeping startup culture strong.

The Correlation Between Engineer Burnout and Focus Time

See how a Qualtrics team used Uplevel to understand why its engineers were feeling burned out, and what measures they took to overcome it.

How to Build Healthy Engineering Teams

Creating an industry with healthy productivity is paramount. But too much of a focus on going faster without addressing burnout is a recipe for disaster.

Just how strong is the link between Deep Work and Burnout?

Uplevel is built for engineers, by engineers. The way to understand other teams’ productivity relies on understanding our own, which means we dogfood our product every day. This helps us run a world-class engineering team—and ensures that we’re building a great product so others can do the same.

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