We sat down with Data Scientist Anne Sallaska who shares details about exciting updates made to the Uplevel Chat Interruptions model and discusses how organizations can use this powerful feature to support their developers.

Creating an industry with healthy productivity is paramount. But too much of a focus on going faster without addressing burnout is a recipe for disaster.

We’re a team on a mission to help engineers, proudly guided by two core values that are reflected in our culture and policies.

Uplevel is built for engineers, by engineers. The way to understand other teams’ productivity relies on understanding our own, which means we dogfood our product every day. This helps us run a world-class engineering team—and ensures that we’re building a great product so others can do the same.

Following strong recent growth (and wanting to avoid team burnout), Avalara was seeking tools to improve the engineering experience. That’s where Uplevel got involved.

A Geek Leader Podcast was created by John Rouda as a way to inspire and grow IT Leaders.

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