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Uplevel launches new features to support remote work

How we work and manage our teams has changed overnight. We launched three new features for teams to track burnout, social isolation, and throughput to make sure teams are getting work done while staying sane.

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[Feature launch] Uplevel insights to improve meeting health

On our eternal quest toward more effective productivity, we spend a lot of time thinking about meetings. Uplevel looks at everything from time spent in meetings to prevalence of multitasking during them (we can’t quit you, Slack), giving a sense of overall “Meeting Health.”

Top goals engineers should set for their teams and why

Engineering managers and leaders are charged with a challenging task: How do they support engineers to do their best work—and how do they know if it’s happening? Ideally, that support begins by guiding your engineers in setting goals, later analyzing the data to see how they are tracking.

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