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Uplevel state of engineering: Top challenges that software engineers face in their job today

Uplevel surveyed a panel of 240 US-based software developers and managers on their work habits, key work challenges, and the impact these challenges had on their job.

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Lights out, let’s go: stories from the Uplevel launch

Any event coordinator knows that the day of a big event is always full of twists and turns: things that were planned, but fail; things that were unplanned, but appear. Tuesday, February 11, was no exception. But this is Uplevel. In the face of conflict, we prevailed.

Good sprints require good teams. Here’s how to get there

Last week, we unpacked the results of our research to define what makes a good sprint. Engineering managers from companies of all sizes shared their victories, their stressors, and their ideas to make sprints more successful. But it doesn’t stop there—a good sprint is necessarily carried by a good team. So, what makes a “good” team?

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