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The reality of WFH – Uplevel users reveal what’s happening at work

We analyzed the Uplevel user base to see what’s happened since March across Deep Work, meetings, PR throughput and burnout risk. What we saw: Your employees are working harder than ever and need help avoiding burnout. We’re here to help.

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[Feature launch] New Uplevel weekly digest

It’s clear to us at Uplevel that everyone loves data. What’s less clear to the managers and software engineers that we work with is what to DO with data. We’ve learned that if teams are going to act on data, it needs to be timely and actionable.

The silent villain of productivity? Context switching

If Slack notifications, emails, and meeting reminders pulled you into different tasks more than once while reading this article, you’re a strong candidate for a reduction in context switching. This improvement has long-lasting benefits. At the end of the day, every step we take to reduce context switching helps prevent dreaded burnout.

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