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Uplevel launches new features to support remote work

How we work and manage our teams has changed overnight. We launched three new features for teams to track burnout, social isolation, and throughput to make sure teams are getting work done while staying sane.

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The silent villain of productivity? Context switching

If Slack notifications, emails, and meeting reminders pulled you into different tasks more than once while reading this article, you’re a strong candidate for a reduction in context switching. This improvement has long-lasting benefits. At the end of the day, every step we take to reduce context switching helps prevent dreaded burnout.

Burnout isn’t a personal problem—it’s a company problem

There’s no way around it: you can only work so much until you burn out. Perhaps due to the business mantra of “infinite growth,” organizations often expect that employees will work at their maximum capacity. Forever. However, high performance is not a static state—it’s cyclical, requiring alternating seasons of rest.

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