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Uplevel state of engineering: Top challenges that software engineers face in their job today

Uplevel surveyed a panel of 240 US-based software developers and managers on their work habits, key work challenges, and the impact these challenges had on their job.

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Zoom fatigue is real. Here’s how engineering teams can prevent it.

Shelter-in-place policies quickly—and significantly—changed the way we live and work. Now that our workday has traded cubicles and conference rooms for eight solo hours at the computer, we’re spending more time than ever on screens. It doesn’t help that our after-work activities often involve more screens, from video chat socializing to Netflix. Cue eye strain, sore neck muscles, and a host of other side effects from this sedentary lifestyle.

24/7 WFH: How to prevent out-of-hours communication

Even in the distant past of 9-to-5 office days, we occasionally found ourselves fielding late-night Slack messages or Sunday evening emails. Now that our work lives are based at home, the concept of “office hours” is virtually non-existent. Many of us are opening our laptops right when we wake up, or answering slack messages late until the night.

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