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Uplevel state of engineering: Top challenges that software engineers face in their job today

Uplevel surveyed a panel of 240 US-based software developers and managers on their work habits, key work challenges, and the impact these challenges had on their job.

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Tough Love: You Need to Stop Multitasking

We all want to be more productive. We optimize our schedules, we seek the latest research, maybe we experiment with nutrition or sleep patterns. From the hundreds of engineers that we’ve met, we frequently hear the same productivity goal: to reduce multitasking.

Webinar: Does Your New Reality of All Day Remote Meetings Suck? Turn It Around With Tips From World Expert In Meetings

As we adjust to this new reality of working from home, remote meetings are filling our calendars. Are they accomplishing what you want — or are they filled with multitasking, people talking over each other, and lack of direction? While we’re all enjoying the occasional visit from pets and kids, we know we have to get these meetings “right” to assure continued team and organizational success. We just can’t afford to lose this time.

The Key to Effective 1:1s—and a Fool-Proof Guide

As a manager, it’s your duty to regularly meet with each of your team members. Even if you sit next to one of your developers, you both benefit from focused face time to voice concerns. Done well, weekly one-on-ones (we’ll call them 1:1s) provide an opportunity for your employees to plan for career advancement, remove roadblocks, and think about the big picture.

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