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The Importance of Effectiveness in a Down Market

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    Watch this on-demand panel discussion with industry experts where they discuss challenges such as how to get better team insights, the cultural impact on R&D effectiveness, and what “deliver more with less” really means.


    Software engineering leaders discuss the challenges of getting better team insights, the importance of engineering effectiveness optimization in a down market, and the true meaning of “deliver more with less” in the context of software engineering at enterprise scale. Our panelists dive into how they have managed their teams through change, communicated the impact of engineering, and used smart tactics and best practices to ensure their teams met their commitments and delivered high-quality products.

    Guest speakers include:

    • Michelle Salvado, tech exec and leadership coach;
      former SVP Fireeye
    • Michael Stahnke, VP software engineering at Flox; former leader at CircleCI, Puppet, and co-author DORA
    • Vilas Veeraraghavan, VP software engineering at Truckstop; former leader at, Walmart Labs, Netflix, and Comcast