Lead with confidence

Align priorities and plan strategically with insights into your engineering effort distribution.

how we do it

The data behind effective engineering teams

Uplevel’s Allocation Dashboard uses data from five key sources to build a comprehensive picture of your engineering efforts.

By mapping those efforts to specific investment buckets,  you can better align your teams’ work with business priorities, saving time and simplifying planning.


Are we working on the right things?

Uplevel’s Allocation Insights take the guesswork out of portfolio management, helping improve effectiveness and throughput — without increasing headcount.

With insight into how your teams are spending their time, you can ensure the right priorities are getting the right level of investment, with less reliance on manual reporting.


Tax capitalization

Simplify R&D cost reporting on capitalizable efforts to deliver a reliable and auditable view of engineering impact. Leveraging your Jira data, Uplevel builds this report automatically, taking out the guesswork and manual effort.

“Uplevel has been extremely helpful in meeting our R&D Capitalization Reporting needs”

– Sr. Accounting Manager


Team insights provide clarity to all levels of your organization