Uplevel is your engineering insights solution

 We help you meet your product release goals without burning out your people

Views for everyone:

  • Employees view their own data
  • Managers view TEAM data
  • Executives view COMPANY data


How it works

1. Uplevel collects relevant data from everyday tools

like calendar, messaging, project management, code repos, and engagement surveys.

2. We always protect your privacy

by redacting sensitive information and only focusing on significant patterns.

3. Using machine learning & org. science 

our patent pending application analyzes your data and generates actionable insights.

4. Your team is empowered to improve

with easy-to-read visuals and coaching delivered daily to managers as well as engineers.

“Uplevel gave me a way to see where we were spending our time.

It led my team scheduling deep work and reducing fragmentation. I hadn’t even though about fragmentation as an issue until seeing the Uplevel data. As a result, it has helped us know how to better spend our time and we now review deep work as a part of our sprint retro.

– Corrine Olson, Engineering Manager 


Use data-driven insights to reliably meet your product goals.

Identify Bottlenecks

View PR cycle time and detailed views of git and Jira activity.

Prioritize Work

Use allocation data to load balance your development team.

Predict future success

We offer sprint success prediction based on velocity data.

Target stalled & unplanned work

Get visibility into work that could delay goals.

Support your people

Support your developers in reaching their potential while avoiding burnout.

Manage Developer health

View data on Deep Work, context switching, and burnout – all in one place.

Prevent Burnout

Proactively manage burnout risk with alerts.

Reduce context switching.

See which projects are driving increased context switching.

Protect Deep Work

Schedule protected time and understand what’s taking up time.

Feature Launch: New Project Explorer callouts to mitigate sprint risk.

The latest updates to Project Explorer give deeper managers and ICs visibility into project activity, sprint progress, and deployment risks.

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