Meet your product goals without burning out your people.

Uplevel is the engineering insights solution that empowers teams by leveraging data from everyday tools.

We measure a multitude of data points that reveal indicators of work, focus, collaboration, and process. To do this, we look to the everyday tools that software developers use to get work done, like code repositories, messaging apps, and meetings.

Why we Do It

The world of work is experiencing a burnout epidemic.

Engineers are delivering under pressure, managers are still adjusting to remote teams, and we’re often sacrificing personal well-being for professional achievements.

Uplevel envisions a future in which engineers are able to focus on what matters and feel proud of delivering innovation that positively impacts the world. We empower engineering teams with data and science-driven insights so they can feel more supported, effective, and engaged in their work.

We Believe

Productivity is more than a single measurement

Each individual data point tells us something. Only by weaving it all together does data tell a story. 


Data sparks effective conversations

Data is not a diagnosis. Instead, worthwhile analysis inspires discussions about “why”—and shapes next steps. 


Everyone in the org deserves access to data

Our insights support developers, managers, and executives, because success relies on all of us. 

How it works

1. Uplevel collects relevant data from everyday tools

like calendar, messaging, project management, code repos, and engagement surveys.

2. We always protect your privacy

by redacting sensitive information and only focusing on significant patterns.

3. Using machine learning & org. science 

our patent pending application analyzes your data and generates actionable insights.

4. Your team is empowered to improve

with easy-to-read visuals and coaching delivered daily to managers as well as engineers.

How it Benefits You

Use data-driven insights to reliably meet your product goals.

Identify bottlenecks

View PR cycle time and detailed views of Git and Jira activity.

Prioritize work

Use allocation data to load-balance your development team. 

Predict future success

Adapt plans based on daily sprint predictions and velocity data. 

Target stalled & unplanned work

Get visibility into work that could delay goals. 

Support your developers in reaching their potential while avoiding burnout.

Manage developer health

View data on Deep Work, context switching, and burnout, all in one place.

Prevent burnout

Proactively manage burnout risk with metrics and alerts.

Reduce context switching

See which projects are dividing your team’s attention.

Protect Deep Work

Understand time allocation and block hours for true focus.

Case Study

How Zipwhip increased Deep Work for better team focus

Zipwhip partnered with Uplevel to improve personal well-being metrics and implement positive cultural changes across the company.

In a one-month period, every group at Zipwhip showed a noticeable increase in Deep Work.

“Uplevel aggregates data from different tools and correlates insightful data that helps me understand the bigger picture. Having information at my fingertips—without having to dig into other tools—has enabled me to have more fruitful conversations that result in more working time and better work-life balance. I review Uplevel reports every Friday to plan what conversations need to be had with my team. I can’t imagine how I could have done these things without Uplevel, especially during the pandemic.


-Samrat Kumar, Senior manager of software engineering, Avalara

Case Study

Lifting up 1,000 engineers at Avalara

Following strong recent growth (and wanting to avoid team burnout), the company onboarded Uplevel to improve the engineering experience for its international team.

“It was a natural fit as we were growing and setting goals around: “What is efficiency? What is effectiveness? What is engagement?” It’s a great tool for our first-line managers.”

– Marilyn Bond, VP of Engineering Execution Excellence at Avalara

See it in action

Our Seattle-based team of developers, designers, and data scientists is ready to partner with your engineering organization. Let’s set up a 30-minute call to hear your team’s needs and show you how Uplevel can help.


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