How Uplevel Works

Uplevel pulls data from your existing tools and uses machine learning to transform it into engineering metrics and actionable insights.

Built for Enterprise

Data privacy

We sanitize and redact sensitive information, focusing only on significant data patterns.

Data integrity

Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources to provide a single source of truth.

 Data security

We are SOC2 compliant. We offer an on-prem option.

How Uplevel Works Infographic

Integrations connector

Orchestrates integrations and redacts private information. We never see your source code or chat data, and you control what is shared with us.

Uplevel data analysis

Transforms and cleans raw unstructured data into analysis-ready data. Our machine learning models compute actionable insights from patterns and behaviors in your data, independent of your data maturity, hygiene, or standard operating procedures.

Uplevel dashboard

All metrics are synthesized into one simple dashboard. Explore key metrics, and drill down to answer increasingly complex questions. We’ll help you interpret insights, so you can focus on driving action and change.

The smarts behind our data analysis

Your redacted data enters our engine, where we transform and clean the raw unstructured data into analysis-ready data. We synthesize it across data sources to provide metrics and insights that deliver a clear picture of how your engineering organization operates.

Predictive models

Uplevel analyzes data and trends on how your teams work to predict meeting load, code complexity, and sprint success.

Derived intelligence

Our ML models weave your data signals together to derive insights around your team’s efforts, allocation, and outcomes.

Org behavior analysis

Our platform analyzes across your collaboration tools to identify knowledge silos, interruptions, and other behaviors impacting team productivity.

People Health scoring

We unify message, calendar, and work data to quantify and link your team’s burnout risk and well-being to their efficiency and effectiveness.

Velocity calculation

Uplevel uncovers working patterns in your deployment data to calculate how fast your teams are shipping and what bottlenecks are slowing them down.

Operational analysis

Project tracking data is inherently messy. Our models are built to uncover nuance and ground truth behind your engineering initiatives, regardless of related hygiene or processes.

Data Sources

Uplevel provides integration with the tools your engineering team already uses: code, chat, calendar, work management, and more.


Slack Business+, and Enterprise Grid





Azure Repos



Google Calendar

O365 Calendar

Work Management


Azure Boards

Incident response

Pagerduty (coming soon)


    Jenkins (coming soon)

    ADO pipelines (coming soon)


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