Webinar: Debugging burnout for devs


Some days, your heart isn’t in your work. You find yourself staring out the window, returning to the same line of code several times before accepting that it’s just not happening today.

We get it. With the pandemic nearing its two year anniversary, burnout is nearing an all time high. 

In this webinar, Ravs Kaur, CTO of Uplevel will share insights on how today’s software developers and engineering managers can foster effective and healthy teams.

February 15 at 12:30pm PT
Watch here now.

In this 30-min webinar, you’ll walk away with knowing:

  • The definition of burnout and what causes it 
  • How to identify the stages of burnout and where you might be sitting
  • Burnout recovery tips for yourself and your team
  • What data to gather to support your efforts (available in your Uplevel platform)


Ravs Kaur, CTO

Ravs leads the Product and Engineering teams at Uplevel. Throughout her career, she’s played a role in every part of the engineering process, from being a developer herself to leading multiple teams. She deeply understands the problems that engineering teams face every day and is on a mission to make teams’ lives easier.