What is burnout and how do you quantify it? 

In this video, we’ll discuss what burnout actually means and how you can assess your organization’s risk. Learn about a metric called Always On that helps quantify burnout risk and how to dig deeper to uncover the root cause of concerning trends.

Using data and metrics to monitor burnout risk 

Learn about two key metrics that contribute to burnout risk: Deep Work and Context Switching. This video breaks down the definition of both metrics and gives tangible examples of how leaders can make adjustments to keep levels healthy and avoid burnout. 

Tracking process health with Operational Metrics

Operational Metrics are key indicators of how smoothly your processes are running. In this video, we’ll show you how to use these metrics to evaluate your operational health — and what to do if you notice bottlenecks. 

Aligning engineering work with Allocation insights

Understanding where your teams are spending their time is crucial to business success. This video breaks down Uplevel’s Allocation insights and how they can be used to better understand your organization’s capacity, which is useful for planning and reporting. 

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