Want a Jellyfish alternative? See what Uplevel has to offer.

Uplevel is the engineering insights solution that empowers teams by leveraging data from everyday tools.

Our end goal is to help you create the healthiest and most effective teams. We measure a multitude of data points that reveal indicators of work, focus, collaboration, and process. To do this, we look to the everyday engineering tools that software developers use to get work done, such as code repositories, messaging apps, and calendars (e.g., Jira, Slack, Google Calendar, Gerritt, Teams, GitHub analytics, and more).

How are we different?

While other engineering insights solutions may also measure metrics for executives and managers use, we pride ourselves on being a platform that is deeply focused on empowering dev teams, starting with the individual. We are the only engineering insights solution that focuses on people metrics for developers, in addition to manager and executive insights. We want every person in the organization to feel seen and heard, and that includes a dashboard specific to the devs. See what Uplevel offers compared to Jellyfish:

Our unique POV

We are deeply focused on empowering dev teams, which means offering insights and solutions to every single developer, not just leaders. We want devs to feel just as empowered as managers and directors so they can “manage up” in their 1:1s and sprint retros, avoiding developer burnout in the process. For this reason, each developer — as well as manager and exec — has a dashboard view tailored to their specific role within the organization.

We improve developer health and ultimately retention. To be truly effective, you need to consider the human factors of dev work such as context switching, meeting hell, interruptions, and Deep Work time. We show how this relates to velocity and overall team engagement, especially in remote working environments.

What we offer teams 

Managers and developers also have their own dashboard views. This enables developers to take control of their own improvement, and it helps managers Deep Work time to better support their devs and avoid burnout.

Managers/Developers get access to:

  • Sprint health and spring progress with a project explorer to get deep into PR and code blockers
  • Sprint retrospective data
  • 1:1 reports for each employee
  • A deep dive of team health across deep work, context switching, burnout and more


      “The Sprint Retro comments are great because they allow us to call out our team to provide more detail, more resources, and a test environment so that we can have a discussion around the process improvement itself.”

      Developer, Avalara

      What we offer executives

      To kick off our engagement, we first do an analysis of your entire engineering organization so that we can pinpoint what’s going well and where you might need help. We use these insights to tailor a launch plan of our developer dashboard to your team. You then continue to get access to the daily (refreshed daily) so that you can keep a pulse on the team.

      Executive Dashboards available:

      • Deep work
      • Meeting time
      • Slack interruptions
      • Burnout
      • PR review time
      • Sprint health
      • Allocation


      Similar to Jellyfish, Uplevel also allows executives to view the allocation of their engineering efforts across the entire organization. We help companies understand:

      • Strategic planning: “Are we investing in the right priorities?”
      • Financial (headcount) planning: “Are we allocating headcount dollars to plan?”
      • Tax reporting: “How much of our work can we report for capitalization?”

      See more information on the allocation insights feature here

      “With Uplevel’s Allocation insights, we can now integrate directly with our planning systems and understand — and adjust — investments more frequently. Development managers get more time to focus on what they should: their teams and product development. Overall, we’re able to run a more effective product organization.”

      -Induprakas Keri, SVP and Chief Product Security Officer, Nutanix

      Who’s using Uplevel

      We’re proud to collaborate with software engineering teams with people-first cultures that want to try innovative tools to increase effectiveness and well-being.

      In some cases, such as with Zipwhip mentioned above, Uplevel helped increase team Deep Work time by 35%.

      These leading companies represent just a few of our successful partnerships in supporting local and global engineering organizations.

      Case Study

      We believe that to be truly effective, you need work metrics AND people metrics. One way Uplevel differs from Jellyfish is we consider the human factors of dev work, such as metrics that can lead to team burnout – context switching, interruptions, and Deep Work time. We show how these metrics relate to velocity and overall team engagement, especially in remote working environments.

      How Zipwhip increased Deep Work for better team focus

      Zipwhip partnered with Uplevel to improve developer team health metrics and implement positive cultural changes across the company.

      In a one-month period, every group at Zipwhip showed a noticeable increase in Deep Work.

      Get Started

      Our Seattle-based team of developers, designers, and data scientists is ready to partner with your engineering organization. Let’s set up a 30-minute call to hear your needs and show you how Uplevel can help.


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