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Webinar on demand: How to use data to achieve the outcomes you want

The way forward might seem unclear. What data do you need? How do you put it into action? Join our 11/3 webinar to learn our action plan to help you get where you need to go.
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You have goals for your teams. Whether you’re a director looking to improve velocity trends, a manager wanting to increase Deep Work time for your team, or a developer who wants fewer interruptions, you’ll understand what data you can leverage to meet your goals: 

  • Getting work done
  • Improving team processes
  • Keeping your teams engaged

Do you have the data you need to do that?

In this webinar, led by our CTO, Ravs Kaur, and our Head of Data Science, Stef Schoenmackers, we talk through specific data you can pull to support your business needs and give clear action items to achieve the outcomes you want.

You’ll walk away with knowing:

  • The exact data points you can gather to reach desired outcomes such as getting work done, improving team processes, and keeping your teams engaged
  • Recommendations on what to do with team data
  • Case studies and examples to bring it to life 

Watch this 45-min webinar on demand now.

Learn more about our speakers:

Ravs Kaur – Uplevel CTO

Ravs leads the Product and Engineering teams at Uplevel. Throughout her career, she’s played a role in every part of the engineering process, from being a developer herself to leading multiple teams. She deeply understands the problems that engineering teams face every day and is on a mission to make teams’ lives easier. 

Stef Schoenmackers – Uplevel Head of Data Science

Stef leads the Data Science team at Uplevel. His background in artificial intelligence and natural language processing led him to startups, eBay, and a desire to bring data to the pains faced by software engineering teams. His team developed the science behind the metrics that make the Uplevel experience.

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