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Uplevel releases new features to empower remote engineering teams

New data-driven tools enable engineering teams to work more effectively during COVID-19 and beyond
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SEATTLE, WA, June 9, 2020 – Uplevel, a company that leverages both machine learning and organizational science to empower engineering effectiveness, today announced new software features to help engineers and their teams improve the way they work together when remote.  

“At the office, engineering teams used to worry about physical interruptions and in-person meetings, which forced them to context switch to keep up,” said Joe Levy, co-founder and CEO, Uplevel. “Now, due to increased digital interruptions from work and physical distractions from home, teams are context switching more than ever. As a result, many people are “always on” — responding to messages at all hours, an easy solution since their office is right next to the bedroom. We saw this change in our data and are pleased to release new insights and tools to empower teams to stay engaged, effective, and balanced in this unprecedented new reality.“

Supported by coaching and best practices, Uplevel’s work-from-home solution features three new data visualizations for managers, backed by coaching.

1. “Always on” – Disconnecting from work 

Today’s workplace shift can easily blur the lines between working and resting at home, which can result in longer hours and burnout. Uplevel measures indicators including hours on message apps like Teams or Slack, Jira, time in meetings, and pull requests (PRs) to help teams identify and support each other when they are having a hard time disconnecting from work. As a result, teams maintain healthy working habits. 

2. Isolation Identification – Maintaining a healthy team connection

Without the ability to catch up while making a cup of coffee or stop by a colleague’s office for in-person interactions, cross-team collaboration and managed work dependencies can suffer. Measured by attendance in work-related and social meetings, Uplevel provides teams network analysis charts to help avoid shrinking work networks or a drop-in collaboration between team members. 

3. Throughput – Getting Work Done

With the added stress of a pandemic and new obligations such as homeschooling, developers may find that some tasks are taking longer than they did in the office. Uplevel measures the numbers of PRs and median review time, as well as PR and Jira cycle time, so that teams can identify changes to work productivity and make more flexible team support plans to allow everyone to balance work and life more effectively. 

“As companies work to address the real-time needs of the business, empowering engineering teams to work effectively amidst the world’s new normal is mission-critical,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Customers seek solutions that can support them in this mission. In the wake of COVID-19, Uplevel has worked nimbly to empower engineering leaders with a new dimension of information and insight, taken from previously-disjointed data sources, to enable them to keep their teams — and workflows — healthy and on track, regardless of where they are located.”

Mike Leon, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

These new features are generally available with Uplevel software. For more information, visit our product deep dive.

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