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Feature Announcement: Operational Metrics

It’s now easier than ever to check in on your working patterns and see how you're trending.
Author: Kristen Sowatsky
Tags: Blog, News

Understanding how your team works can help identify bottlenecks in your process. But trying to dig through Jira and your code repos to understand this data is a job within itself. That’s why we built our new Operational Metrics page. This new section on your dashboard shows your team’s: 

  • Release Frequency – the number of releases to production over the selected time period. 
  • Bug Allocation – the percentage of bug work over the selected time period or sprint.
  • Sprint Completion Rate – the completion percentage prediction of your current sprint compared to how much got done in the previous sprint. (If you don’t use sprints, don’t worry. This will show the number of tickets closed during the selected time period). 
  • % of Complex PRs – understand if devs making big releases or opting for smaller, more frequent changes.
  • PR Cycle Time – the median time from development to release for a PR. 

This high level view allows you to filter by sprint or date range which makes it easy to get answers quickly. Trend lines for each metric are a great tool for identifying potential focus areas that might be at risk. Use this new page to set goals and to keep track of your progress.

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