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Uplevel introduces project explorer, a detailed dashboard that intelligently displays project health

Engineering teams benefit from a quick, deep view of work in progress and potential roadblocks.
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SEATTLE, WA, February 23, 2021 – Uplevel, a leading engineering effectiveness platform, today announced Project Explorer, a new detailed, interactive dashboard to track project health, identify risks to sprint goals, and uncover relevant factors that may negatively impact the project or team members.   

“Uplevel was created to empower engineering teams with actionable data and managing their project work is where it can be most useful. We understand the critical need for teams to know not only what work is happening, but how it relates to collaboration patterns, load balancing goals, and disruptions from unplanned tasks. By introducing Project Explorer, we are giving even more data to managers and individual engineers to make it easy to identify the most important factors impacting projects and their contributors. As a result, Uplevel users can have conversations based on real data to help improve the health, effectiveness, and overall success of their team.”

– Joe Levy, Uplevel CEO

With Project Explorer, both engineering managers and independent contributor (IC) developers can benefit from the available information. 

“Bringing together the multiple data sources is really valuable. I have not seen the connection between PRs and Jira yet so that’s really helpful data.” 

– Nitin Bhandari, a principal engineering manager at Zipwhip

Project Explorer for Managers

Managers can reduce execution risk by seeing if unplanned work is dominating a sprint, and how work is distributed on the team to avoid risks associated with knowledge silos. The new dashboard dives into details to help managers better understand pull request activity, Jira activity not tied to an epic, volume of bugs, and other work needed. With Project Explorer, managers can quickly gain knowledge about the project, including:

  • Team members involved in projects in a given sprint and what those projects are so they can identify opportunities for load balancing 
  • Planned vs. unplanned tasks for better predictability
  • Activity levels on projects for a chosen time frame
  • A view of Jira and PR data all in one place
  • Project health measurements such as bugs vs. feature work

Project Explorer for IC developers

Engineers can track and view past and current projects as well as understand collaboration pattern data to ask for help when needed. The new Project Explorer insights can also determine who is providing support or might be available to help. Developers can use Project Explorer to see helpful data including:

  • Current, active, and past projects
  • Bandwidth issues during each sprint 
  • Collaborators on epics 

Project Explorer is generally available with Uplevel software. Contact us to learn more.