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Feature launch: Allocation by investment area

Our newest executive insight to help you understand your engineering investment.
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When we work with companies, the first step of our engagement is to provide aggregate executive insights to team leadership. The dashboard presents a bird’s-eye view of all the teams in an organization and indicates healthy ranges for certain metrics including deep work time, time spent in meetings, context switching, always-on behavior, PR cycle time, and more. 

A new feature of our Executive Insights allows executives to view allocation of their engineering efforts across their entire organization.


Uplevel gives engineering leaders insights for Strategic and R&D Cost Capitalization. A few of our customers already saw value before our public launch, such as Zipwhip and Nutanix.

“With Uplevel’s Allocation Insights, we can now integrate directly with our planning systems and understand — and adjust — investments more frequently. Development managers get more time to focus on what they should: their teams and product development. Overall, we’re able to run a more effective product organization.”

– Induprakas Keri, SVP and Chief Product Security Office, Nutanix

We know that every organization assigns R&D priorities based on business objectives. But in order to understand work allocation, engineering teams are asked to manually enter time into spreadsheets, surveys or home grown systems. This is not only very time consuming, but also suffers from a variety of survey biases (recall, aspirational, etc.) that deviate from reality. With this new feature launch, we’re able to solve these problems and allow teams to more quickly shift strategy based on real-time data.

By partnering with us to understand your team’s time allocation, you’ll be able to achieve these outcomes. 

  • Align the effort of the team with the business strategy
  • Ensure everyone is focusing on what matters most
  • Prioritize the right levels of engineering work
  • Automate reporting for R&D tax credits
  • Headcount planning based on actual product effort investment
  • Save development managers hours of tedious monthly reporting 

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