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Feature launch: PR Workflow is now interactive

We just made some exciting updates to one of the most loved charts on the Uplevel dashboard: PR Workflow. It’s now easier than ever to see work being done team-wide.
Author: uplevel
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Uplevel’s PR Workflow chart shows a timeline view of your team’s pull requests, with symbols indicating status changes. This big-picture view of your PRs makes it easy to spot bottlenecks and potential risks, just one reason it’s a favorite with customers as well as the Uplevel dev team.

And now we’ve made the chart even better. The PR Workflow is now interactive, so your team can drill down into the important details of each status update on your timeline — all in one place. Click and drag to select a section of the chart and zoom in. Hover over the status symbols for more details. 

Watch our video tour of the updated feature.

Here’s how to use the PR Workflow: 

  • During your daily standup to spot risks before it’s too late
  • During your Sprint Retros to talk about areas for improvement
  • As a personal reference tool — an easy way to check the status of everything in flight 
  • As a Scrum Lead reference tool

Learn more and schedule a demo today.