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[Feature launch] New Uplevel weekly digest

It’s clear to us at Uplevel that everyone loves data. What’s less clear to the managers and software engineers that we work with is what to DO with data. We’ve learned that if teams are going to act on data, it needs to be timely and actionable.
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Today Uplevel is launching a brand new “Weekly Digest” to all engineering managers and individual contributors on our platform. Every week, users will receive a “week-in-review” of the prior week that details information for each employee on metrics like PRs merged, changes in Always On and deep work, and percentage of bug work. Uplevel also includes information on what you should be looking for and potential action steps to take if something looks off. 

Key benefits for engineering teams:

  • Managers can easily keep an eye on trends – stepping in to support team members that may need extra support, or acknowledging positive changes.
  • Individual engineers can stay on top of their own work and take charge to improve their working conditions or ask for help — before projects slip behind.

Check out the example below:

Is this something that you could think could help your own engineering teams? We’d love to chat. Contact us.