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Feature Launch: Help support your engineering organization with new Allocation updates

Learn about updates to Uplevel's Executive Insights that help leaders align engineering efforts to strategic business goals.
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A strong engineering culture starts with leadership. Teams rely on leaders to make data-backed decisions that drive the organization forward. A big part of that decision-making is understanding where teams are focusing their efforts to make sure work is on track and aligned to business goals.

Uplevel’s Executive Insights provide engineering leaders with a better understanding of their organizations and how to make them stronger. Allocation insights are a key part of these dashboards, providing a breakdown of engineering effort across the org to make sure work is on track and aligned with business goals. These insights help not only confirm teams are working on the right things but also make your organization more dynamic, giving you the ability to make strategic adjustments throughout the quarter.

That’s why we’re excited to announce two major updates to the Allocation Insights page on the Uplevel Executive Dashboard: Org Deep Dive and Jira Deep Dive. These charts previously provided a bird’s-eye view of work happening across the organization. This update goes a step further by adding more valuable detail and the ability to drill in. Learn more below:

  • Org Deep Dive provides a detailed view of your organization’s work. The bar chart is now interactive, so you can click into a category to learn more about the projects that contributed to it. We also added new unit options. In addition to the percent of the total, you can now break things down by hours, estimated cost (based on configurable role salary), or equivalent full-time contributors. Use this chart to help with planning and check-ins throughout the quarter to make sure you’re on track. Answer questions like:
    • Are we investing time in the right projects?
    • How much is this work costing the organization?
    • How many hours are devoted to each initiative?
  • Jira Deep Dive provides a new way to understand your work breakdown: as the percentage of effort allocated to each project over a selected time period — based on your Jira data. View this data in terms of issue type, bug vs. non bug work, and by org chart manager.

Using this data, you can rest easy knowing you have the information at your fingertips to drive your organization forward.

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