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[E-book] The manager’s guide to effective engineering

This modern resource for engineering managers targets two foundational areas: your people and your process.
Author: uplevel
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Managers field countless requests and responsibilities in a day. Guiding a team to remain on-schedule while keeping a proactive eye on potential roadblocks takes a huge effort—one that requires superpowers. This e-book for engineering managers aims to supercharge the way that leaders approach two foundational areas: people and process.

How can an individual contributor become an excellent manager? What policies or cultural practices best support a remote team? Is there a better way to use Slack without notification overload? Why are sprint plans so hard to maintain? Explore these ideas and recommended best practices, all backed by the experts at Uplevel and our network of tech leaders.

This e-book includes:

  • Guidance on transitioning from a developer role to a manager role
  • Ways to practice empathy-driven leadership while remote
  • Theoretical and practical insights about burnout recovery
  • Agile-conscious approaches to sprint planning and retrospectives
  • Words of wisdom from seasoned tech leaders