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[E-book] How to Thrive While WFH: A Guide to Supporting a Successful Remote Team

The coronavirus pandemic that led to shelter-in-place orders across the nation caused a radical pivot to fully remote teams. While it might be temporary, the dramatic lifestyle shift will undoubtedly have a long lasting impact. As engineering teams adapt, the question stands: How can we support our remote teams to be their best?
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Uplevel has always used data to connect the intangible with the tangible, using digital markers to impact real action. In response to COVID-19, our team has rapidly flexed new muscles, both in the way we work, and in the features we provide for our users.

We’re developing new approaches and new tools, so we created an e-book to share both.

The e-book gets into:

  • Optimizing your home workspace
  • Better adjusting to WFH time management
  • Overcoming Zoom fatigue
  • Experimenting with asynchronous meetings
  • Supercharging 1:1 meetings for more impact
  • Supporting team members in isolation
  • Finding work-life balance through it all