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[E-book] A dev’s guide to burnout

Software developers often work against bold deadlines and run a high risk of burnout. This e-book unpacks common causes, effective responses, and how to evolve team culture.
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So many of us are drawn to this career for its dynamism. Every day, we’re tasked with new problems to solve, expansive features to build, and complex puzzles to tackle.

That doesn’t mean it’s endlessly easy. Ambitious deadlines and first-to-market goals can run us into the ground. A great weekend can often refresh us enough to return on Monday, but sometimes, extended periods of stress lead to something deeper: burnout.

Our latest e-book, The dev’s guide to burnout, supports developers through burnout prevention and recovery.

This e-book includes:

  • The definition and stages of burnout
  • Common causes of burnout for devs
  • Effective remedies for rest and recovery
  • Helpful conversation-starters to discuss with your manager
  • Accessible ways that individuals and teams can shift culture