Why Software Developers Need Customer Empathy

Engineering orgs have an empathy problem. In this article, Uplevel CTO Nimrod Vered discusses how engineering leaders can help bridge the empathy gap between their customers and devs, and why doing so benefits both.

Q&A with Michelle Salvado, technology exec and advisor

Uplevel guides engineering teams to fulfill their highest potential. In this pursuit, we consult with all kinds of experts, and they always teach us something new. We’re introducing the Expert Series to share this wealth of knowledge.

There’s a better way for dev teams to measure velocity

Velocity is best measured by looking at how much uninterrupted focus time your developer teams have and how effective they are within those periods.

25 ways to piss off your devs

We asked our software developers what drives them crazy at work and how to build a better dev team culture. Here’s a list of things they say you shouldn’t do.

We just raised $20M in funding. We’ll use it to expand innovation around developer team health, effectiveness.

The funds will go toward improving headcount, growing the product, and further establishing Uplevel as a leader in dev culture.

Uplevel Secures $20M Funding to Drive Engineering Team Efficiency And Hires Nimrod Vered as CTO

Following strong quarter over quarter growth Uplevel will leverage new capital and CTO to expand market opportunities.

Leadership evolution with Joe Levy

Our CEO, Joe Levy, sat down with Beyond the Blue Badge host Ali Spain to discuss leading during the pandemic, managing a remote workforce, and keeping startup culture strong.

Warning signals from your team to detect developer burnout

Developer burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that gets progressively worse the longer it goes unnoticed. Know how to spot when your devs need support.

How to turn allocation insights into action for your dev team

Part of our Executive Insights, Allocation translates tickets and PRs into time distributions. Leveraging the real-time data can help you better align dev team efforts with your big-picture goals.

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