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Case study: How Opn used Uplevel to improve sprint health

Opn relies on Uplevel’s Sprint Health insights to drive conversations with team members, ensuring engineers are being supported to deliver their best work.
Author: uplevel
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At Uplevel, we know that you can’t measure engineering success by output alone. Velocity may be at an all-time high sprint-over-sprint, but it can come at a high cost if teams are consistently working overtime, feeling burnt out, and lacking Deep Work time.

After using other engineering analytics tools to look at code velocity and other output metrics, Opn began looking for a solution to keep motivation and morale high as they navigated rapid growth and remote teams. They found what they were missing in Uplevel’s key differentiator — the people metrics.



Based in Asia, Opn is a financial solutions company that seeks to remove barriers and create a world where financial services are open to everyone. Established in March 2020, Opn helps enterprises enrich their own ecosystem by offering consulting on fintech solutions, developing customized solutions, and creating platform infrastructures centered around e-commerce and customer service.