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Two key ways allocation insights help create effective engineering cultures

With greater visibility into how your teams allocate their time, you can create a culture of empowerment and accountability across the entire engineering organization.

25 ways to piss off your devs

We asked our software developers what drives them crazy at work and how to build a better dev team culture. Here’s a list of things they say you shouldn’t do.

We tried a 4-day workweek for three months. Here’s what we learned.

In January of this year, after months of careful planning and communication, we began our four-day workweek experiment. The results were better than expected.

Managing knowledge silos in dev teams

Our CEO, Joe Levy, sat down with Beyond the Blue Badge host Ali Spain to discuss leading during the pandemic, managing a remote workforce, and keeping startup culture strong.

How to Build Healthy Engineering Teams

Creating an industry with healthy productivity is paramount. But too much of a focus on going faster without addressing burnout is a recipe for disaster.

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