Uplevel FAQ

Uplevel helps teams reach their highest potential, but it’s not for everyone. Is it right for your team?

Below are real-life objections we’ve heard from our customers. You might even have some of the same objections. Check out if our responses align with your teams’ goals.

The letters Q and A

“I get that you are tracking metrics and high level information for our teams. But so what? What is the end goal you are helping us achieve?”
“My team has a million tools they are working with already. I don’t want to add more processes or tracking items that they need to deal with.”
“This feels a bit “Big-Brothery”. How do we ensure our developers that these insights will not be used against them?”
“All data tools are garbage in, garbage out. Isn’t this only good if we all have excellent hygiene in the way we use Jira, Git, calendar and messaging?”
“I don’t think we are mature enough or are ready for a tool like this.”
"I'd need to see the insights before I roll out to my teams."
“How do you calculate deep work time? Isn’t that going to be different for every dev depending on preferred operating hours and time zone?”
“What makes you different from other platforms out there?”
“I see how Slack could be an interruption, but it’s also how we collaborate.”
“What parts of the product do your current customers really see value in?”
“Our Security and Legal teams are not going to like this. The lift associated with providing you access to these data sources doesn’t seem worth it.”
“Jira already gives me a lot of the information you are providing, like Sprint Health and Projected Done. Why would we implement a new tool?”
"I'm uncomfortable with you seeing my Slack, that's really creepy."
"Should I be changing my calendar behavior?"
"What's all included in the exec dashboard view?"