Meet your release goals without burnout

Leverage actionable data insights to improve project and people health for your teams.


How we help everyone in your engineering organization

operational METRICS

Identify risks in your engineering processes to keep work moving

Sprint health

Ensure your teams are on target with Sprint Health Scores to identify progress and risk.

Cycle time

Improve release time by deep diving into how long it takes your teams to deliver code.

Risk tracking

Get ahead of future bottlenecks to allocate people, effort, and investments where needed.

People Health Insights

Avoid burnout and build a strong culture

Deep Work

Scale your product faster by ensuring teams get enough uninterrupted focus time.

Always on

Minimize team burnout and attrition by keeping a pulse on work outside of normal hours.

Context switching

Improve load balancing across your teams with visibility into where they’re spread thin or juggling responsibilities.

Team Goals

Drive improvement at the team level

Managers and developers can use this data to track their own team health, making it easy to implement org-wide goals. The Uplevel Teams Dashboard empowers them with actionable insights to guide their planning and sprint retro activities.

Case Study

Uplevel customer Zipwhip tracked their Deep Work trends over time to ensure developers had the time they needed to focus. The results?

Increased productivity and a higher engagement score.