November 2020 Survey: How engineering managers are coping (and what they’re missing)

Despite more meetings, more emails, and more challenges, engineering teams are achieving more than ever in 2020.

The shift to remote work significantly affected collaboration and availability, especially for those with kids or additional responsibilities at home. Some might have anticipated a decrease in productivity, compared to pre-pandemic levels, but nearly two-thirds of companies are seeing the same or higher productivity.

To learn more, we asked 250 engineering managers about their teams’ experiences since shelter-in-place orders took effect in March. What they shared reveals resilience, vulnerability, and a potentially concerning mindset for the months ahead.

  • What are the top “time sucks” faced by engineers today?
  • Who’s to blame: meetings or emails?
  • On what issue do 96% of managers agree?
  • What should be the top priority in 2021?
  • Beyond the data, how do we cope?