Uplevel brings innovation to remote team management

How we work and manage our teams has changed overnight.

While software engineering has always been a field primed for working remotely, the truth is, most companies still rely heavily on teams being in offices to promote effective collaboration.

As companies transitioned to fully remote teams earlier this year, engineering managers took on a staggering challenge to effectively lead their teams from afar — amplified by the stress of shelter-in-place orders and homeschooling our kids.

To support this new era, Uplevel is launching three new features, designed specifically to support teams in effectively leading remote teams with the power of data, coaching, and best practices.

  • Always on
  • Isolation
  • Throughput

always on  

Always on – using data to prevent burnout

Measured by out-of-hours Messaging, Jira, meetings, and PRs

Without a physical distance between work and home life, we’ve noticed that many find it hard to disconnect at the end of the workday. Over time, this blurred line can lead to longer hours and burnout. 

This new feature identifies always-on behaviors on messaging apps like Slack/Teams, Jira, and calendars, helping teams support each other in reducing overtime and protecting critical work-life balance.


Isolation – maintaining healthy team connection

Measured by attendance in work-related and social meetings

We’ve lost the ability to swing by someone’s desk or catch up while making coffee. This reduced interaction can negatively impact cross-team collaboration and work dependencies.

This feature helps teams avoid a drop in collaboration between co-workers, in both required and “just for fun” meetings.


Throughput – getting work done

Measured by PRs and Jira activity

While working remotely, devs may experience new bottlenecks or find it takes longer to unblock issues—making some tasks take longer than they did in the office.

This feature shows signs of infrequent pull requests or reduced project throughput so teams can identify and address factors impacting effectiveness.

What engineers are saying

“The isolation charts are amazing. 

I think this could help me identify who is engaging with the team and the code. It also gives me a picture of how people are evolving in my team. Knowing how people are connected is the key to success with our agile process.” 

– Engineering manager
Uplevel user

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