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Feature launch: Product Explorer (video)

Today we're introducing Project Explorer, a super-detailed view of which projects are getting attention and who is working on them.
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Your Uplevel dashboard has always shown insightful metrics about your team’s recent performance to help shape healthier future performance. While we all strive for universal best practices, we need our own unique data to benchmark growth over time.

In recent months, we’ve heard feedback that highlights the importance of viewing current work and understanding how projects are progressing at all levels. Planned and assigned work is easily tracked in Jira, but visibility into the work and collaboration that’s happening is less clear. We’re excited to launch a new project view that compiles all the work currently being done by your team, giving managers the ability to track the health of projects and risks to your sprint goals.

Introducing Project Explorer, a super-detailed view of which projects are getting attention and who is working on them. Now, explore this interactive view to drill down to detail. Which projects are active? Who are the primary devs tasked with that project, and who jumped in to help? Apply different filters to understand projects in every way.

Project Explorer for Managers

Managers can quickly identify projects with the highest activity, as well as who is contributing that activity, labeled either as primary owner or collaborators. (This is also a helpful view to see if anyone is spread too thin.) To better understand PR activity, the new Project Explorer view shows the division between planned work and unplanned work. View any Jira activity not tied to an epic, and look deeper to see activity details. If anything is blocked, you’ll be able to identify and act quickly. Plus, we include project health metrics, like the volume of bugs and other work needed.

Managers can answer questions like:

  • Is anyone on my team spread across too many projects during this sprint?
    • Which projects?
    • As owner or contributor?
    • Large or small efforts?
    • Dive in to see activity details
  • Which work was planned and which tasks were unplanned?
  • What is our big project this sprint (or chosen timeline)?
  • How can I measure project health, like bugs or other work needed?

To see a video tutorial of how one of our own managers uses this new Project Explorer, check out the video below:

Project Explorer for IC Developers

Individual contributors can use this view to track current projects, view past projects, and receive support when they feel stretched too thin. Project Explorer view can also point to collaborators on certain epics and projects to determine who’s providing support or might be able to help even out workload.

Devs can answer questions like:

  • What are my active projects now?
  • What were my active projects in the past?
  • Am I spread across too many projects during this sprint?
  • Who are my collaborators on my epics?

Left Navigation

You’ll also notice that we redesigned the menu to introduce a left-hand nav. This is more of an aesthetic change than a feature change, and we’re pleased with the simple navigability of the refreshed look. When you log in, you’ll have a clear launch point to find your next steps. Find the data and charts you need, quickly and easily.

If you want to learn more or see a demo, contact us and we’ll set it up!