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[E-book] The Dev Team Playbook

Software development is a team sport. A good team can't win without a good coach ― and vice versa. The interdependence between devs, managers, and execs is vital for success.
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Is your team maintaining a healthy balance of engagement vs. focus? Collaboration vs. Deep Work? Dev teams rely on this balance to be successful. But achieving it can take some strategic play calling.

Development is a team sport. And the best players in any sport are the ones who keep their heads in the game while maintaining awareness of the team around them. It’s not only about being your best but also working in a way that helps everyone win.

In this e-book, we break down the Xs and Os of building a winning dynamic — while staying connected to the big picture.

This e-book includes:

  • How to foster empathy and build trust within your team
  • Understanding the human side of tech
  • How to help each dev be their best team-based self
  • Team tactics to reduce stress, overcome distractions, and avoid burnout
  • And more