Are you investing in the right priorities? Uplevel is here to help.

Uplevel is the engineering insights solution that empowers teams by leveraging data from everyday tools.

Our end goal is to help you create the healthiest and most effective teams. We measure a multitude of data points that reveal indicators of work, focus, collaboration, and process. To do this, we look to the everyday developer productivity tools that software developers use to get work done like code repositories, messaging apps, and meetings (Github, Jira, Slack, Gerritt, Teams and more).

Allocation Insights

A new feature of our Executive Insights allows executives to measure the investment of their engineering efforts across their entire organization. We know that every organization assigns R&D priorities based on business objectives. But in order to understand exactly what everyone in engineering is working on, teams are asked to manually enter time into spreadsheets, surveys or home grown systems. This is time consuming busy-work that will decrease product velocity and annoy most managers. It also suffers from a variety of survey biases (recall, aspirational, etc.) that causes the data to deviate from reality. With this new feature launch,

Uplevel allows engineering teams to:

    • Get more focus time to work on their products – increasing product velocity
    • Reduces frustrations from having people fill out surveys and spreadsheets
    • Allows organizations to align and shift to meet product goals based on actual investment data

We help companies understand:

  • Strategic planning: “Are we investing in the right priorities?”
  • Financial (headcount) planning: “Are we allocating headcount dollars to plan?”
  • Tax reporting: “How much of our work can we report for software capitalization?”


Uplevel gives engineering leaders insights for Strategic and R&D Cost Capitalization. A few of our customers already saw value before our public launch, such as Nutanix:

    “Nutanix is a metrics driven organization. We track developer investment in our product initiatives so we can make sure our 2,000 person team is working on the right business priorities. Previously, this was a periodic manual process that consumed significant time for our development managers and only allowed for investment adjustments on an infrequent basis. With Uplevel’s Allocation insights, we can now integrate directly with our planning systems and understand — and adjust — investments more frequently. Development managers get more time to focus on what they should: their teams and product development. Overall, we’re able to run a more effective product organization.”

    – Induprakas Keri, SVP and Chief Product Security Officer


    We do an analysis of your entire engineering organization so that we can pinpoint what’s going well and where you might need help. We use these insights to tailor a launch plan of our developer dashboard to your team. You then continue to get access to the daily (refreshed daily) so that you can keep a pulse on the team.

    Executive Dashboards available:

    • Deep work
    • Meeting time
    • Slack interruptions
    • Developer burnout
    • PR review time
    • Sprint health
    • Allocation

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